Secure Your Premises with Robust Vehicle Access Systems

Vehicle access control is crucial for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your facility. Our state-of-the-art systems ensure smooth operation and robust protection against unauthorized vehicle intrusion, keeping your premises secure and your operations uninterrupted. This complements our pedestrian turnstiles and access control turnstiles, providing a complete security solution.


Innovative Features for Enhanced Vehicle Security

Gate Operators and Vehicle Gates

Our advanced gate operators and vehicle gates are your facility’s first line of defense. Designed to regulate vehicle access effectively, they prevent unauthorized entry and ensure pedestrian safety, similar to our security turnstile gates.

Vehicle Barrier Arms

Perfect for a variety of applications, our barrier arms control vehicle flow while enforcing parking and access rules, ensuring smooth and secure vehicle management, akin to our commercial turnstiles.

Anti-Vehicle Barriers

Designed for maximum security, our anti-vehicle barriers protect your physical assets and personnel from vehicular threats. Available in fixed or portable options, they offer flexibility and high-level security, complementing our outdoor turnstile solutions.

End-to-End Solutions for Vehicle Access Control

Custom Design and Sales

Our experts guide you through selecting and customizing the best vehicle access control systems for your specific needs, ensuring optimal integration and functionality, much like our optical barrier turnstiles.

Benefit from our 15+ years of experience in installation, ensuring your vehicle access control systems are set up efficiently and effectively, just as we do with our turnstile gates with card readers.

Our nationwide service teams are ready to provide prompt and efficient maintenance and repair services, keeping your systems in top condition, including our glass turnstile company products.

SES Integrators: Your Partner in Advanced Vehicle Security

Choose SES Integrators for unparalleled expertise in vehicle access control. Our focus on ROI and comprehensive solutions make us the ideal partner for securing your vehicle entry points, as well as entrance turnstiles.


Elevate Your Vehicle Security Today

Ready to enhance your facility’s vehicle access control? Contact us now for a custom solution tailored to your needs. Let’s secure your premises together, ensuring a seamless integration with card reader turnstile systems.