Guard Booths and Fencing: Your First Line of Defense

Ensure the utmost security for your facility with our range of guard booths and fencing solutions. These robust barriers work in tandem with our advanced turnstile gate with card reader systems, providing a comprehensive security setup. From metal security fencing to elegant glass or acrylic infill, we cater to various applications including corporate lobbies, security vestibules, and more.


Tailored Security Solutions for Every Need

Metal Security Fencing

Our metal security fencing is selected based on design, material, and security risk, ensuring the perfect fit for your specific requirements. These fences are an ideal complement to our outdoor turnstile and entrance turnstile solutions.

Glass or Acrylic Infill

Choose from a wide range of heights, materials, and styles with our glass or acrylic infill solutions, designed for beauty and protection. They align seamlessly with our glass turnstile company offerings, enhancing aesthetic appeal while maintaining security.

Security Guard Booths and Shelters

Our pre-fab and custom security guard booths and shelters, made of durable steel, come with options for lighting, HVAC, and varying security levels. These booths can easily integrate with systems like card reader turnstiles for enhanced access control.

Comprehensive Services for Enhanced Security

Expert Design and Sales

Our team helps you understand all available options for your entry points, ensuring you get the best solution tailored to your needs, including pedestrian turnstiles and commercial turnstiles.

Rely on our 15+ years of experience for a seamless installation of your guard booths and fencing, ensuring optimal security and functionality, much like our security turnstile gate installations.

Our teams are ready to respond quickly to your repair and maintenance needs, working with all makes and models, including advanced optical barrier turnstiles.

Why SES Integrators are the Go-To for Security Solutions

SES Integrators stands out with automated security solutions backed by industry-leading expertise. Our dedicated project managers focus on your project goals, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish, whether it’s for access control turnstiles or comprehensive guard booth systems.


Elevate Your Facility’s Security with SES

Let our expertise in guard booths and fencing work for you. Contact us today for a custom solution that enhances security and adds value to your facility, integrating seamlessly with turnstile gates with card readers for a complete security system.